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12 Hours till Takeoff

It’s been difficult saying goodbyes over the past few days, but it has made me realize that I have a lot people in my life that care and I’m going to miss you all! Thanks to everyone who took me out to lunch, dinner, for drinks, etc.

My flight leaves for Philadelphia at 8:30 am. I’m all packed and ready to go! Here is the rundown of what I’m bringing:

Hiking backpack
Rolling Duffel bag
20 Pairs of cotton underwear
3 T-shirts
Business casual outfit
Pair of shorts
5 Pairs of socks
Workout/exercise outfit
Hat for the sun
Lightweight waterproof jacket
2 Pairs of slacks/pants
2 Collar short sleeve shirts
3 Undershirts
Pair of board shorts
Pair of hiking pants 
Pair of dress shoes
Pair of durable sandals
Pair of sneakers
Pair of running shoes
Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss
4 Deodorant sticks
Towel (camp towel preferable)
Nail clippers/tweezers
2 Bar soap
2 Bar shampoo
14 Sunglasses (giving these away)
Bottle lotion
Face wash
Wash cloth/loofah
SPF 50 
2 Flash drives
Ipod touch w/ headphones
Outlet adapter and voltage converter
2 Headlamps
Chargable batteries with charger
External hard drive
Mini Tripod
Solar cell
Small fry pan
50 Ziplock bags
2 Nalgenes
Roll of duct tape
Multitool knife
3 Journals
Thermarest compressible pillow
Set of earplugs
3 Pens
Voice Recorder
10 Passport photos
Picture of family
Coffee grounds
Coffee Press

Right now I’m weighing in at 40 lbs for my duffel bag and 22 lbs for my hiking backpack. I planned to come in under the Peace Corps maximum baggage weight limit of 80 lbs, but a total of 62 lbs makes me worry that I’m forgetting something. Time to go double-check.



One of the best parts about joining the Peace Corps is all of the stuff you get to buy that makes it easier to “survive” in Ghana. I’ve decided to do most of my shopping on the Internet, because most online retailers (Amazon) have no sales tax and offer free shipping. With the amount of packages I’ve been getting in the mail, it’s been feeling like Christmas everyday. Here are some of the packages I’ve received in the last couple days alone!

Some of the “essentials” that I’ve recently received are Chacos, running shoes (New Balance Minimus!), hiking pants (the ones that zip off into shorts), and a headlamp. As you can surmise from my list, so far I’ve gone for practicality over style. When it’s 115° F outside I don’t think I will care what I look like!

I’m allowed bring 2 checked bags with me to Ghana that don’t exceed a combined 80 lbs. I plan on weighing in way under that limit, because it’s much easier to travel with lighter luggage. When I stop procrastinating and actually start packing I hope to post my full packing list.

On another note, I’ve embarked on what I’ve dubbed my Last Meal Tour. The first stop today was at Phil’s BBQ for lunch. I’m hoping to hit up In-N-Out, Jorge’s, Rico’s, and more along the way. I want to cover all of the classics I grew up on.