Application Timeline

Applying for the Peace Corps is a long and grueling process. It’s not the multiple essays, interviews, and medical exams that make the process difficult, but the excessive waiting periods. To make things worse, my application process was prolonged due to the current U.S. federal budget uncertainty.


September 25 – Decided to apply, began online application

October 01 – Finished and submitted online application

November 11 – All 3 of my references are submitted and my local recruiter contacts me to set-up an interview

November 19 – Interview with Recruiter who intends to nominate me

November 22 – Recruiter has found 2 possible nominations departing in Sept, but wants to wait until more nominations open for Oct

December 01 РNominated to Sub-Saharan Africa departing October 2011 with a requirement of actively studying French

December 08 – Medical and Dental Packet arrives


February 01 – After multiple doctors/dentists visits and triple checking all of the paperwork, my medical packet is mailed

February 09 – Peace Corps receives medical packet, but tells me I must print out and send in my dental X-rays

February 17 – Peace Corps receives my dental X-rays and dentally clears me for service

May 23 – Peace Corps sends me an email stating that it must push my departure date to Jan – Feb 2012 because of federal budget cuts

June 04 – Medically cleared for service

June 09 – Peace Corps requests an updated resume

July 22 – Contacted by Peace Corps Placement Office

July 28 – Telephone interview with Placement Specialist who plans to invite me within 4 weeks

August 14 – Came home from a weeklong vacation to find a large packet from Peace Corps on the front doorstep: Invited to Ghana!


2 responses to “Application Timeline

  • Maurine l. Schaffer

    Maurine Schffer

  • Maurine l. Schaffer

    I’ve been reding your posts and find them very interesting and your positive attitude about your experiences. I especially liked the post re the old gentleman that couldn’t afford a latrine and the efforts you put forth to help him. I realize it is time to be leaving there and will correspond with your Mom, as I felt you’d be home soon. It was neat they were able to visit you. You may not remember, I’m an “old friend” of your Dad’s thru your grandparents up here in Rialto, Ca. God has certainly blessed you in being a part of Ghana to help them with a project to acquire something we take for granted. Thanks for the good job in representing the USA,

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