WADA Water

Here is an article about a water system Ghana WASH helped build in Asukawkaw, Volta Region, Ghana. Asukawkaw is about a three hour drive from my community.


I thought this part of the article is very indicative of development work:

While Cornelia and others are ready to patronize the new water center, there are still some who continue to source water from the river. Cornelia says these households know that it is the water making their families sick, but it will take time to change everyone’s behavior.

It is easy to give a community water facilities, toilets, etc. But changing people’s bad habits is very difficult. It is especially frustrating because the change is a gradual process and often occurs many years down the road. Many times you never see the fruits of your effort.

Disclaimer: I had very little involvement with this project.


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One response to “WADA Water

  • Linda Amico

    The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.
    Nelson Henderson
    This sounds like what you are experiencing. You may not see the results of your work but it will be there in the future!
    Love ya,

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