Last week I was in a nearby community helping my local NGO collect population data. We were going house-to-house and recording how many people lived in each house. Although the work was tedious and consisted of a LOT of walking, it gave me a chance to practice my Ewe with people I met along the way. Additionally, it was interesting to see the layout of the community and everyone’s house. One lady we went to was growing sugarcane outside of her house. When I told her I like sugarcane she promptly picked up a machete and started hacking away at one of the bushes. Then she offered me the stalk sugarcane she came out with. Sometimes it pays to be a yevu.

Sugarcane growing outside someone’s house.

Sugarcane stalk.



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2 responses to “Sugarcane

  • Mike

    RyRy– how’s everything going with the presidential situation?

    • Ryan

      Mike, good to hear from you. Everyone here is mourning. There hasn’t been much chaos, because the president was replaced by the vice president a few hours after he died. This is an election year in Ghana, so we’ll see if any craziness ensues from that in December.

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