Like many people in rural Ghana, my landlord owns goats. They are kept in a pen and everyday they are let out to wander, play, or eat just about anything. Although not very entertaining for Ghanaians, the goats are a great source of entertainment for me and I know I’m not the only white person in Ghana who loves watching goats. It’s particularly exciting when the goats fight each other over food or just for fun. When goats fight they continuously butt heads until one gives up. My favorite though is when they play “king of the hill”. Image a goat fight on a mound of sand and more than two goats involved. One goat tries to defend the top of the “hill” while the others try to knock him off.

Baby Goat

However, the goats do get annoying at times. Many people here cook outside and roaming goats can often be found with their head in an unattended coal pot. Furthermore, the baby goats are always crying for their mothers when they want milk. The goat pen is about fifteen feet outside of my bedroom window and I can hear the goats making weird noises at night.

After church yesterday I came home to see a sick goat lying down outside of my compound. A man who lives in my compound decided that the goat should be put out of its misery. Soon after, two other men from my community came. In about an hour they slit the goat’s throat, skinned it, and gutted it. That night I ate fufu with goat meat.

Goat being cut open.


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2 responses to “Goats

  • Dillon

    I guess seeing the whole preparation process makes one a little more appreciative of the effort that goes into producing the slab of meat you buy at a grocery market?

    I bet that baby goat tasted delicious like clubbed baby seals. :-p

    • Ryan

      Yup, it is a lot of effort. Ghanaians are definitely appreciative of the effort. Must be why they eat almost every part of the animal — even the skin!

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