About two thirds of Peace Corps training so far has been learning the local language of the community you will live in. So most of my day is spent studying my language, Ewe. However, the other third of training so far has been technical training. Most of technical training has been in the classroom, however, sometimes we go out in the community and do something hands-on. For example, the other day we disassembled a borehole.

This borehole is drilled 21 meters into the ground and provides clean water for part of our training community. The man in the green jump suit provides maintenance on all of the boreholes in our community. When you want to fetch water it costs 10 pesewas per bucket. Then you carry the water back to your house on your head. If you are really skilled you won’t give yourself a shower on the way back.

Today, I finished my language exam and tomorrow we are all traveling to Kumasi where we will find out our sites for the next two years. After a few days in Kumasi we are all traveling to our individual sites for a few days and then we will resume training in Tamale.


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