Philadelphia, PA

So far Philadelphia has been good. Not too cold for being in the dead of winter. It’s about 40° F during the nights. Considering I only brought a sweatshirt, I feel like I lucked out.

Last night some of the early arrivals met up and watched the Super Bowl at the Holiday Inn bar. Then we went to Mac’s Tavern to grab a drink. Mac’s Tavern is owned by Mac and Sweet Dee from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Unfortunately Mac and Dee weren’t there serving drinks.

Today we had Peace Corps orientation, otherwise known as “Staging”, and are officially Peace Corps Trainees! Staging consists of a general overview of the Peace Corps.  Nothing too in-depth about Ghana, but how to act in situations all Peace Corps Volunteers face. During staging we covered Peace Corps’ expectations, safety measures, and our aspiration and anxieties, while doing icebreakers and skits.

Finally, I made it to Paddy’s Pub. I was a little disappointed it’s not the “actual” Paddy’s Pub, but it’s still a pretty cool dive bar.

Now it’s off to Ghana! We arrive in Accra at 7:00pm GMT.


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I'm serving in Ghana as a Peace Corps volunteer for 27 months. View all posts by Ryan

One response to “Philadelphia, PA

  • Linda Amico

    You are off to a good start…next stop Ghana! This is going to be an amazing journey for you. We love you and miss you!
    Mom and Dad

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